My top 10 Parks in Columbus, Ohio

Thank goodness the warm weather is quickly approaching. I have compiled a list of my all time favorite parks to visit in the spring and summer. I hope you can enjoy this list this coming weekend. Happy park exploring!

1. Wyman Woods Park

This park is located on Grandview Avenue and Goodale. in Grandview Heights. Just down the street from our GVS location, we frequent this spot a lot. This park is definitely geared towards children at least 3and up but it is fun for the whole family. The play structure is a huge hit with my kids, ample climbing areas and an awesome lookout area at the top of the play structure. The large rocks surrounding it are a big hit for my son, he loves to run up and down them. There are two large green spaces adjacent to each side of the park and wooded hilly areas that we love to explore as well. There is also a sand volleyball court and a walking path surrounding the park.

2. Fancyburg Park

This park is located in North Arlington, and has everything your family needs to play and explore outside. Tennis Courts, Baseball diamonds, swing sets, and a great walking path surrounding it!  We love to "workout" on the designated exercise stations surrounding it as well!

3. Hilliard Municipal Park

This park has big open spaces to play ball and lots of baseball fields. The pool is a huge perk in the summer equip with water slides, a lazy river, and water playgrounds. The park also has a cool dirt bike path and trails in the woods to explore. There is also an amphitheater where they often have outdoor concerts.

4. Homestead Park

This Hilliard Park is just beautiful and surrounded by nature. It has an amazing shaded picnic area that overlooks a pond. There is also a new playground structure and an old train station area the kids love to explore. There are paved trails all along the park and we enjoy looking at the wildflowers surrounding the park in the spring and summer.

5. Miller Park

Located in the heart of South Arlington, this park has two different park options, this park is great for all ages. It has an awesome creek to explore and a huge field next to it to practice sports. The gazebo is a great picnic lunch destination. We always visit "The Little Library" following the park to relax and check out books.

6. Harrison West Park

This park is located near Olentangy River Road at the start of the Harrison West area. This park is ideal for toddler age children. It has a dramatic play influence with music being the theme. There is green space surrounding the park and ample room to run and play!

7. Adventure Park

This park is located in Powell and is a one stop shop. It is equipped with basketball courts, a large play structure, splash pad, and a skate park. There is also a small pond, where we love to feed the ducks and geese.

8. Whetstone Park

Located in the heart of Clintonville, this park is full of different areas to explore. We love to hike in the woods located next to the park, where we skip stones in the creek and let our dog explore the grounds. There is also two different play spaces, one near the library and one at the bottom of the hill near the Rose Garden. We love to walk the Park of Roses and explore the roses blooming, it also smells wonderful! There is a large lookout point located near the gardens that we love to climb and look around. There is a large pond with a bridge located on the right of the lower play structure where you can fish, feed the ducks and picnic.

9. Emerald Fields Playground

This park is located right behind the Kroger Marketplace in Dublin. The park is huge and is extremely interactive for children young and old. The park has a large covered picnic area and 3 sets of swings! The play area is spread out and there are different areas to explore.

10. Village Green Park

This park is located in Powell and is a wonderful attraction. Not only does it have an awesome playground to explore, it is has a splash pad as well. My kids in the summer love to travel between the splash pad and the play space. We could stay for hours at this fun destination. Another perk is the train travels by the park throughout the day and the kids really enjoy watching it pass.


Wyman Woods Park, Grandview Heights, Ohio

Wyman Woods Park, Grandview Heights, Ohio